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Vegan, Non-Dairy Mango Lassi

What better way to start of the summer with a sip of exotic and creamy mango lassi!

Lassi is a South Asian yoghurt-based drink and can be sweet, salty or with fruit such as mango. Mango lassi is my favorite type and so I had to try a vegan version of it a with non-dairy milk and non-dairy yoghurt.

I normally make mango lassi with almond milk yoghurt and almond milk but feel free to experiment with other non dairy products like coconut milk, oat milk, soy yoghurt etc.

After experimenting with different types of mango, first with frozen then with fresh mango, I found that nothing quite beats canned Indian mango pulp. However it comes in such a big can (1 lb!!!) and can be difficult to use it all once opened, so I’ve frozen the mango pulp in an ice cube tray to use cubes of mango pulp in mango lassi or shakes when needed.

Note that canned mango pulp is normally sweetened so try to find unsweetened mango pulp and enjoy this occasionally as a dessert/treat. Alternatively use a cup of fresh/frozen mango with desired sweetener e.g. maple syrup to control the sugar.

Hope you enjoy making mango lassi this summer!

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