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Nimbu Paani // Homemade Lemonade

I don't know about you guys, but the summer is in full swing here in Oklahoma and it is sooooo hot! I know I should be drinking a lot more water than I am, so I wanted to try out a refreshing drink that gets more water in my system and Nimbu Paani is perfect for that!

Nimbu Paani, translates to lemon water and is a traditional summer drink found in India and Pakistan. It's a homemade lemonade which is sweet and tangy, but can also be salty and spiced! This drink is perfect for the hot weather as it is a thirst quencher, energizer and replenishes the salts in your body lost through sweating.

Feel free to use a combination of lemons and limes, soda water for a bubbly drink or spices like cumin or chaat masala for extra flavor.

Let me know if you recreate this at home! Stay cool and hydrated!

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