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I’ve always had a strong connection with animals and felt so uncomfortable knowing my role in their suffering because of my diet. As I’m sure you’re aware and can further research yourself, animals suffer so much because of our food industry: chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese are raised in warehouse-style sheds with tens of thousands of other birds, pigs locked inside tiny crates for weeks on end, cows repeatedly impregnated on dairy farms to keep their milk flowing and all animals ending their days at a slaughterhouse, accounting for billions of animals killed every year.

As if harming animals wasn’t bad enough, animal agriculture is harming our planet severely, being the leading emitter (60%) of climate-changing gases. Animal farming is also the key driver of deforestation as more land is needed for animals to graze or to grow crops for their feed than is needed to farm plants for human consumption. Animals who lived in the forest must flee or die out. Animal farming is also responsible for much air, soil and water pollution.

It really is appalling the rate at which we are harming animals and the environment and a lot of us are unaware of how much damage our eating habits are impacting the world we live in. It can be overwhelming once you understand the scale of the issues, but even by changing your individual habits and diet can make a huge difference! By going vegan for just a month you as an individual can save 30 animals, 620 pounds of CO2, 913 square feet of forest, 1370 pounds of grain and 33,481 gallons of water.

By creating this blog, creating and sharing vegan recipes, I hope to express and practice the compassion I have for this beautiful world whilst inspiring others to do the same.

This platform has allowed me to advocate for environmental issues I care about and also humanitarian ones. Read about the latest outreach/charity project below.

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