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کھانا پکانے کا علم

Khana Pakanay ka Ilm

South Asian food can seem intimidating and complicated. I learnt a lot about cooking from my family, but there are some things which seemed so obvious to them that they didn’t feel the need to explain, and I didn’t ask either as these ingredients and spices seemed untouchable and sacred! On top of the intricacies of South Asian cooking, I also did not know much about vegan and vegetarian cooking growing up in a very non-veg, meat eating family! Being out on my own, missing home and my family’s cooking but also wanting to eat more plant based, I had to start from scratch and learn the fundamentals of both cuisines. 

And so researching and understanding dishes, ingredients and cooking methods has been an important aspect of this blog and has given me more confidence as well as creativity in the kitchen. Whatever I learn about a particular culinary item or method, I want to share with you all to show that cooking is not scary, you just need to get to know her! On Sabzi Khor, you'll find a breakdown of both South Asian and plant based items. I want to simplify and break down the dishes and their components so that everyone, those who are new to South Asian cooking or want to make more plant based meals, can have a better understanding and therefore easily replicate these delicious foods at home.

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