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Sabzi Khor

سبزی خور

[suhb-zee khor]


Plant eater, herbivore

About: Welcome

Hello and warm welcome to Sabzi Khor!

My name is Sanah, I’m a British Pakistani living in the USA with my amazing husband and adorable pup! I've created this blog to share delicious and nutritious South Asian plant based food. I come from a family of foodies and chefs, and my childhood was filled with getting together with family and friends and sharing exquisite Pakistani and South Asian food. Food is what brings people together and is a creative outlet for me; I love experimenting with and trying new foods. Food is an important aspect of who I am. 

But there are many things about my heritage and food that I’ve been at battle with and that have loomed over me for many, many years. I’ve struggled with my physical and mental health, my relationship with food, body image, autonomy and identity. After moving halfway across the world, I finally had the time and space to face myself and the issues I needed to deal with. I had to understand myself and learn how to take care of myself because till then I was just following cultural norms and trying to be something I was not.

Sabzi Khor is a Plant Based Pakistani food blog but really is an expression of my healing and identity told through food. To start, I just wanted to create healthier, comprehensive South Asian meals for the modern person and share my food journey. But it has become much more than that. It’s become a way for me to connect to and share my heritage with others, experience and promote freedom and intuition around food all whilst being mindful, aware and supporting the wider environment and community.

Feel free to read more about my purpose for this blog in the sections below.

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Health has been at the forefront of this project and the main reason why I started this blog after seeing so many close family members and friends in the South Asian community suffer from diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. 

Through Sabzi Khor I want to explore and present a possible alternative, where we can still enjoy the foods and flavours of our culture without it being detrimental to our health. A sustainable solution.

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