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Bolani/Pirki: Spiced Potato and Spinach filled flatbread

Balochistan is known as the meat capital of Pakistan, so finding a vegetarian/vegan specialty of the province was a little difficult! Nonetheless I came across Bolani/Pirki while researching food enjoyed in Balochistan and had to recreate!

Bolani or Pirki is a Hazaragi dish meaning from the Hazara people in Afghanistan and western Pakistan, specifically the Balochistan province. It is a flat bread filled with mashed potatoes, vegetables like spinach, leeks and spring onions and lightly seasoned. The dough is rolled into a disc, filled with the potato filling then folded over and fried in oil. It is like an aloo paratha (my fellow Punjabis) and resembles a Cornish pasty (my fellow Brits) or a quesadilla (my American friends!).

The bolani/pirki can be dipped in plain yogurt, raita or chutney of your choice and I had it with a side salad to make a meal of it.

I hope you enjoy trying this at home! Happy cooking!

Click here to learn more about Balochistan.

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Shqq Work
Shqq Work
Mar 05

I tried this recipe sit's yumm and my kids loved it too

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Mar 03, 2023

Thanks for bringing this recipe 🌸😊

if you want some video content

check it out 👇



Must have a look 🤗

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