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Vegan Raita // Yogurt dip

Raita is a yoghurt based condiment or dip used to cool down spicy food in South Asian cuisine. I use an almond milk yoghurt as a vegan option.

Raita can include chopped salad ingredients such as onion, cucumber and/or tomato and can be flavored with mint, coriander cumin and/or chili. You can get creative with your raita, and experiment with different ingredients, herbs and spices to your preference. For example a simple raita option is just adding some mint sauce to yoghurt!⁣

Interestingly, and you’ve probably figured this out too, if you have some extra kachumber, you can simply add yogurt to make it raita! I generally prefer to have more cucumber and mint in my raita, less tomato and onion and no chili, and so have written the recipe accordingly. But you can adjust the ingredients and seasonings to your preference.⁣

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