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Christmas Fundraiser: Feeding the poor of Pakistan

This Christmas, I felt called to set up a fundraiser specifically to feed the poor of Pakistan who had been impacted by the global pandemic so that they would have supplies to be fed on Christmas. Read more for details of this project below.


Christmas is celebrated by Christians and many others around the world to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s a time of festivity and cheer, giving and receiving gifts, spending time with loved ones, feasting on delicious foods and a time of prayer and reflection. Like many holidays in 2020, Christmas would be looking different for many. But there are those whose Christmas would be extremely different to ours where it was a case of surviving or not.⁣ Christians in Pakistan make up 1.6% of the country’s population and are unfortunately some of the poorest. The global pandemic has not helped their situation any further as many families have struggled to make a living. Lockdowns have meant no work and therefore no money, and so hunger and starvation has unfortunately been imminent.⁣


A donation of just $15 (about the price of a meal at a restaurant in the US) can provide a months supply of food and sanitary essentials for a family of four. I was overwhelmed by the response and so grateful for everyone's generosity. We managed to raise:⁣

£437 // $592 // 94,856 PKR⁣

This went towards food and essential bundles including items like flour, rice, lentils, oil, washing powder and soap⁣. The families who received these had enough to eat on Christmas and the rest of the month.

I'm so glad to have shed light on this topic so close to my heart and heritage, and I'm so grateful for the generosity of my friends, family and followers of this blog. What we see as a small donation can make such a difference to someone's Christmas!

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