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Vegan eats in LA and San Diego

I love to travel as much as I love food so I wanted to share some awesome vegan places we went to while in LA and San Diego last week. Southern California is as abundant in vegan options as it is with sunshine and beautiful coastlines, it really is a dream!⁣

I am Humble from Café Gratitude (locations in LA and San Diego)

@cafegratitude has locations in LA and San Diego. Their menu is adorable with each item being an ‘I am’ statement. I got the ‘I am Humble’, which was red daal, yams, coconut mint chutney, spicy tomato jam and I mixed brown rice and quinoa. It was so delicious, flavorful and wholesome, probably one of my favorite meals from this trip.⁣

Enticing Eggplant from Trilogy Sanctuary (La Jolla, San Diego)

@trilogysanctuary is a rooftop cafe in La Jolla with yoga and a cute boutique. The views from the cafe were stunning and the food was so yummy! I got the Enticing Eggplant which is garlic roasted Portobello mushrooms in rolls of grilled basil eggplant, grilled with cashew ‘cheese’ and served over maple mashed yams, and broccolini.⁣

Vegan wursts from Hinterhof (LA)

@hinterhof_la is a vegan German kitchen and beer garden in LA, which was so exciting and gave me all the Christmas feels with mulled wine, Christmas lights and vegan wursts! I got the curry wurst which was delicious, I loved the sauce!⁣

"Chicken' burger from The Vegan Joint (multiple locations in LA)

@theveganjoint has a few locations in LA and I was so surprised at how huge their menu is! I got the ‘chicken’ burger which really hit the spot for fried chicken! The texture and flavor was surprisingly accurate. And the lady who worked there was so nice and absolutely hilarious!⁣

Garlic Ramen with vegan 'egg' from Ramenhood (Grand Central Market, LA)

@ramenhood serves vegan ramen at Grand Central Market in LA. I got the garlic ramen with a vegan ‘egg’ which is such a cool item they do!⁣

Far East Bowl from Veggie Grill (restaurant chain in California, Oregon, Washington, Illinois and Massachusetts)

@veggiegrill is a great option for fast, casual vegan food and they’re based in a few states as well as CA. I got the Far East bowl which was so yummy, all their items looked great to be honest!⁣

Shahi Paneer Burrito (V) from The Bombay Frankie Company (multiple locations in LA)

@bombayfrankiela is the home of the Indian burrito. They do a vegan option but I got their shahi paneer because I’m a sucker for paneer! It was absolutely heavenly and I could eat there every day.⁣

Meatless Loaf Plate from Urban Plates (multiple locations in California and D.C)

@urbanplates have locations in California and D.C. and have some awesome vegan options. We ate there twice, including Thanksgiving. I got their meatless loaf plate which was awesome!

Let me know if you've tried any of these places!

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