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The peace, joy and wellness of simple foods

Cooking well doesn't mean cooking fancy.

Julia Child


I’ve come to appreciate what’s typically perceived as ‘simpler foods’ as I explore more vegetarian and plant based cooking. Nothing beats daal for example! It’s wonderful how rich these foods are in nutritional value, color and flavor. Nothing makes me happier when there is a rainbow of colors on my plate from all the different foods. They’re also packed with flavor; I try not to use as many spices or overcook food anymore so that I can enjoy and appreciate the natural flavor the food has to offer.⁣

To me, cooking well means using fresh ingredients, seasoning with my favorite flavors (I love sea salt, olive oil, garlic, chili and herbs), cooking and eating in peace and with a lot of love and positive energy! And often the simpler foods and recipes turn out better as I’m in a calmer mindset and not getting overwhelmed by the process. I can put my full attention on the food to make it the best it can be!⁣

So your midweek meals need not be fancy (unless you’re a pro and that’s what you prefer) and I’d say to focus on good quality, fresh ingredients, flavors you enjoy and putting a lot of love and positive vibes in your cooking!⁣

What’s your favorite non-fancy meal? Simple foods are literally the best!⁣

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