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Food is symbolic of love

“Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.” Alan D. Wolfelt


Food is such an important aspect of so many cultures in terms of social norms and bonding in relationships. We get together with friends and family and share meals together on special occasions or just to catch up. A dinner date can be such an exciting, romantic and special experience. And spontaneous food surprises (probably my favorite) are so affectionate, like giving your neighbors and friends food from a big batch of your cooking, cutting up fruit for your partner or child, or getting ice cream on the way back home. Those are probably my favorite kind of moments and they all are done out of love.

Food brings people together and relationships can grow deeper through conversations over meals, or simply through the act of sharing a meal and experiencing that moment together, when the words are inadequate.

So, do you struggle with words and don’t know how to tell someone you care for them? Start with inviting them over for a meal or organize a catch up at a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. Cook them a meal from scratch or bake them some treats. I think my fellow Asians can relate when I say that Asian parents rarely say I love you or how they’re really feeling, but will make sure you’re well fed and will bring you sliced fruit when you’re studying. Verbal affirmations are important and something we all need to do, but these gestures of love are valid, and make things a bit easier for those who struggle with words.

Next time you share a meal or cook, pause and reflect how you and those around you are feeling. I’ll bet you’ll feel the love and joy between you, so do cherish those moments!

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