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Feed your soul

Food may be essential as fuel for the body, but good food is fuel for the soul.

Malcom Forbes


How often have you tasted a morsel of food and felt like you’re having a spiritual experience? And who’s to say you're not? Think of the amount of times you’ve heard the words “oh my gosh”, “oh my god”, ‘holy moly’ or something similar, from yourself or others after having good food. It may sound weird but I love hearing and seeing people’s reactions to good food, it's firstly very entertaining and secondly so pure and so human!⁣

Now think of the times you’ve eaten while at your desk, or on your way to a meeting, while scrolling on your phone or watching TV. It’s most likely that you can’t remember anything about that particular meal (unless it was terrible) and there’s nothing really profound about that experience, you were simply fueling your body to enable you to continue with your day.⁣

Now think back to those moments of pure joy while eating good food. You could taste all the flavors, feel all the textures, remember your stomach rumbling and mouth watering when you could see and smell the food. You might even remember the people you were with and the great conversations you were having. Wouldn’t it be perfect to experience that at every meal? I think it’s possible! I understand life is busy, and I’m honestly trying to work on this myself, but just for 10 minutes or however long it takes to eat, just pause, eat mindfully and consciously in your every day eating experiences not just on special occasions, knowing you’re feeding your soul as well as your body by doing this. That’s two birds with one stone! And I think once you’re present with your meal, even ‘food’ can become ‘good food’ and do even more benefit to your body. ⁣

What's the one food that makes you forget about everything else? I’d love to know what foods have made an impact on you!⁣

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