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I love sweet potatoes, and what better way to have them than in the form of chaat?!

This is a homemade version of the street food, Shakarkandi, which is sold by street vendors in India and Pakistan. Sweet potatoes are cooked on coals and seasoned with citrus fruit juice and spices. The acidity of the juice cuts through the sweetness of the potatoes and the spices enhance all the flavors.

I believe this is a winter street food; I remember visiting Pakistan one Christmas and eating up a plate of Shakarkandi, not passing it around to share it was that good!

I’ve seasoned the Shakarkandi with tangerine juice (inspired by my dad who uses orange juice) for a sharp but sweet flavour and also perfectly complements the flavors of Christmas time! I’ve also used a few drops of liquid smoke to give that smoky flavor that you would get from the coals!⁣

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